A Movement Towards an Inclusive Community

Globally One Run Festival (GO Run Fest) is a day that celebrates those who are disabled in our communities by hosting a fair and run that unites the entire community in embracing people of all abilities and ethnicities.

Our Goals

Creating an Atmosphere for Community Inclusion

G.O. Run Fest's primary purpose is to create an environment where people of all abilities and ethnicities feel accepted and welcomed by the community at large.

Raising Awareness of Individuals with Special Needs

Through the festival, we hope to raise awareness to the general public about the diverse, disabled individuals living among us in our communities.

Building Bridges to Enrich the Community at Large

Lastly, by bringing the entire community together, we hope to connect people of all abilities and ethnicities together, building relationships that empower people with disabilities to fully integrate into our communities and enjoy a higher quality of life.

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